A Global Store With a British Accent

Products from around the world, to provide comfortable homes, nice things and healthy recreation.

We aim to provide you with everything that makes life pleasant, from healthy recreation to nice things. We only sell items that we believe are of the highest standard and meets this mission.

MGVT was founded in the spirit of Victorian British ideals. Thus we explore the world looking for the best tech, fashion, home products from manufacturers and shops from China to Europe, keeping that quintessential British attitude to exploration and innovation.

Founded on the principle that global trade & business can be the driving force for advancement, for exploration and for innovation.

Providing Everything That Makes Life Pleasant.

MGVT is the doorway to provide for everything. Including everything to make a comfortable home, nice things, healthy recreation.

Making the ideal company

For centuries, the word of an englishman has been as good as his bond, and so it is true for MGVT today – We march under the MGVT banner for global trade.

Through franchising, build a new nation of proud shopkeepers with close ties to the local community, who will keep ideal FAMILY STRUCTURES & VALUES.

Building Positive Muscular Muslim

To foster duty, discipline, self-sacrifice, masculinity, and the moral and physical beauty of athleticism in Islam

Delivery & Packaging

In order to keep pollution and packaging waste down, we work may sometimes with manufacturers to send your item direct from the country of origin. Which means your item can come from as far as China.

We also reuse boxes whenever we can, so you may see branding for some of our rivals – we use any box we can that is given to us! We hope in this way to cut down on the production and waste of unnecessary boxes. You may donate any box to us at any of our branches. We do plan one day to devise are new, rather ingenious solution.


Continuing our aim to reduce pollution and waste, we provide a variety of environmentally friendly ways to handle unwanted items, and we reward our members for choosing them.