The Global Store With a British Accent

Products from around the world, to provide comfortable homes, nice things and healthy recreation.

We care about the quality and value of the clothes you wear and the things you use everyday. We aim to provide you with everything that makes life pleasant, from healthy recreation to nice things. Whether we use traditional methods or using advanced technology. We only sell items that we believe are of the highest standard and meets this mission. All while keeping energy and distribution usage down, to take care of this green and pleasant land.

With Love from Japan, China, USA…

MGVT was founded in the spirit of Victorian British ideals. Thus we explore the world looking for the best tech, fashion, home and adult products from manufacturers and shops from China to Europe, keeping that quintessential British attitude to exploration and innovation.

Our Logo

We take our colours from the Lancaster Rose, while the globe symbolises our global store.

Delivery & Packaging

In order to keep pollution and packaging waste down, we work with manufacturers to send your item direct from the country of origin. Which means your item can come from as far as China, so we do charge slightly more for delivery than you may be used to. It is also our intention to help people cut emotional spending, and plan their shopping so they make as few deliveries as possible.

We also reuse boxes whenever we can, so you may see branding for some of our rivals – we use any box we can that is given to us! We hope in this way to cut down on the production and waste of unnecessary boxes. You may donate any box to us at any of our branches. We do plan one day to devise are new, rather ingenious solution.


Continuing our aim to reduce pollution and waste, we provide a variety of environmentally friendly ways to handle unwanted items, and we reward our members for choosing them.

Social Media

We are not on social media, and there are several reasons for this. Please take a look:

  • It cost money, both is creating content, management and making sure you see our updates (they make companies pay). We would prefer to pass the savings on to you and invest in new technologies, original content and more…
  • It takes up allot of time. As above it takes time to generate content, manage the different platforms etc. This time is better spent improving the site, your experience and customer service.
  • Mental Health concerns. Many studies have shown the negative impact of certain social media use has on our minds. We would therefore like to remain off these platforms for the time being.
  • Email is better. We update our customers via email, which we find sufficient enough. Having one place to to manage helps us be more efficient, more personal and connected. If you have a problem or question email us privately and we will help.