How to create and remember good passwords

A good password should be easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to figure out, and it is important to secure your MGVT account with a safe and effective password.

It sounds simple, but is often a pain and somewhat difficult to implement properly, but there is a way. And it involves including Mnemonics. Mnemonics is a system used to aid information retention. It is very powerful and can be used to create great passwords only you can remember easily. So lets start with some general tips on creating a strong password:

General tips for creating a good password

  • Avoid using information that many people know about you, like your birthday, where you always go on holiday, the names of your pet/children etc.
  • Avoid using actual words. Yep, don’t use words. If someone is serious about getting into your account they will be able to run programs like a dictionary to try to get access.
  • Always use upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters such as % or *
  • Now use the journey method below in Mnemonics with Acronyms to create a great password!

Using the Journey method to create your password for MGVT

Lets create an over simplified password for an example.


This was done in a few seconds, and uses the Journey method to help you to remember it.

So this simply means Online shopping @ M(GVT) my number 1 favourite store

– Now you can read this out to yourself, and as you create it. It’s a password for a shopping account so I used that for the first 2 characters, then the name of the store where I am shopping. Then something about the store I like. Using the letters of each word, plus a special character and number and you have an easy to remember password. Associate images and sounds to each character, even move along a path in your mind if it helps, and see the different characters, you should be able to say your password and type it as it appears above, second nature after a few attempts.