How MGVT handles Wish lists is unique among major e-commerce companies, read on to discover how we have arranged ourselves and why you may think its much better than the competition.

The wish list is a common feature among online shops, helping customers to keep a list of the items they intend to purchase in the future. However most integrations of the Wish list are limited in what they can achieve, resulting in a very basic and rather forgettable experience. At MGVT we have changed the way we work Wish lists and enhance the experience for you.

Our history of being Tailors means we are particularly adept at designing, making and cutting to make something extraordinary out of something quite ordinary. It is in this spirit that we cut our own Wishlist in order to make a better experience for you. You can still create a wishlist, on Pocket or Pinterest, which creates a much better place for you to curate and share your favourite items from MGVT.


Our top pick to handle your wish list, Pocket allows you to save content from anywhere and create your own space filled with everything you want or want to learn.

Under the share options on each item page, select pocket and add the tag or create a new tag ‘MGVT Wish list’. Everything you add to Pocket is private, however you can share to your recommend list, Twitter and Facebook for when you want to let people know what to get you for your birthday, Christmas etc.

You can also further organise your Wish list by adding attributes such as: Home, Fashion, etc. or Occasions: Christmas Wish list/ Birthday Wish list.

Pocket is also integrated with Firefox web browser – just hit the Pocket icon to add to your lists!

Discover Pocket


Pinterest is one of the best spaces on the web to curate your favourite items and discover new things, and works amazingly well for your Wish list.

Create a new board such as ‘MGVT Wish list’ then as with the instruction above, under the share options click the Pinterest icon and choose your Wish list board. Again, you can further organise and share your content with extra boards such as: Home, Fashion, Gadgets etc.

The Benefits of using Pocket/ Pinterest for your Wish list

Your Wish lists are now easily searchable, allowing you to organise them in a way that suits you. They are now much more shareable, with your followers, friends and family. Allowing you to share more of what you love, and what makes you unique, online.

Your MGVT wish lists can now be in your favourite spaces online, and on your favourite apps which you use during your leisure time.