Trade In refurbished, pre-owned and open-box products

Through our Eco range of high quality used items we hope to keep great items in use.  You can help us achieve this by buying from our range or sending in your quality used items. When you send in your item you will get a store gift voucher as a reward.

Items we accept for Trade In


We accept all laptops. We securely wipe any sensitive information and then if we cannot sell it we recycle all the parts.


We accept all mobiles, after wiping any information we then sell the quality ones, while recycling the rest.

High Quality Clothing

We only accept high quality clothing with no defects.


We accept all eReaders.

Games Consoles

We accept all games consoles and the most recent games.

Recent Gadgets

We accept most recent gadgets from cameras to drones.


How much will i get?

We offer a reward for most items, with credit to your MGVT Premier balance from £1-£200 to spend at MGVT. This service is more for people who want to declutter quickly, in no need of money and would like to be rewarded for their environmental efforts. If you need to sell your item to help with money problems take a look at apps like Village.

Do you return items?

We do not return items. Make sure you are happy to use this service before you send anything in.

Join others and send in your items