We have taken every step to ensure your privacy.

While some companies don’t do enough or actively sell your data, we have done everything we can to protect it. We separated our site domain from our email domain so we can partner with proton mail to provide you with ultra secure encrypted emails. We don’t send out newsletters and don’t store your card details.

We do collect and store information about you to complete your orders, this information includes your contact details, address and order item details. We will also store your order history and wish list data for your convenience. You may use the contact us page to request all the information we have about you and request for all the information to be deleted. We also collect anonymous user data to make decisions on which products to offer and make the shopping experience better. By using this site and shopping with us you agree to MGVT to gather, keep and use this information.

In the event of a data breach we will notify you as soon as we know.

We also use Facebook & Bing technology to track your use on this site, this information helps us to advertise our products to you as you use the internet. All information is stored with Facebook and Microsoft, we do not have access to it otherwise. You may contact either company to review or delete this data.

Encrypted Email

We use mgvt.uk as our email address hosted by protonmail in Switzerland. They provide encrypted and secure email using the latest technology. They managed to withstand one of the biggest DDOS attacks and lost not valuable data. We are happy and confident to use them in our communications with you. When you contact us please provide a password that you would like to use to access your encrypted emails, otherwise your password will be your very first order number.

Please note, order notifications are automatic emails and are not encrypted.

To protect your data some emails will be set to self-delete when read. All other emails will be deleted within one calendar month if the matter is resolved. Should you wish to keep any information within emails you are welcome to save them in your own email service.

No unnecessary emails

We don’t send out newsletters or any unnecessary emails.

You can if you choose, subscribe to our news section to keep up to date with the latest from MGVT.