1000ML BPA free Water Bottle


While some may just see a water bottle, we see an item that may greatly improve your health. For our product testers, these bottles have greatly increased the amount of water that they drink, in place of soft drinks and others. BPA free, reducing the consumption of single use plastics and the risk of micro plastics entering your body.

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• Healthy & Eco-friendly: BPA free & non-roxic with premium Tritan Co-Polyester material! Imported from Eastman
• ]Large capacity: 1000ml make up water, for your health 1000 ml daily replenishment!
• Durability: Pure taste as glass water bottles, but more durable!
• Quality assurance: 100% satisfaction, excellent service, have all the accessories, factory outlets

• Material: Tritan, PP, TPE, silicone
• Capacity: 1000 ml
• Weight: 250 grams
• Size: 281 x 78 mm
• Temperature: -10 degrees Celsius to 96 degrees Celsius


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