iPhone 11 Pro Smartphone Sleeve


  • Protects your smartphone from dust, dirt, scratches and minor knocks
  • Easier and faster access to the smartphone
  • Characteristic and unique fabric
  • The inner lining – which protects and cleans the Apple iPhone 11 Pro display.
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The problem with iPhone 11 Pro cases

While they offer the most protection in case you drop your phone (an actually very rare thing to happen), they do tend to hide your phones amazing design, and your colour option. They add extra bulk to your phone, and some just look tacky, with cheap plastic and worse design.

Why an iPhone 11 Pro Sleeve (Cover) may be better

Your iPhone 11 Pro sleeve will protect it from many kinds of knocks and scratches, especially in your bag, it wil also protect it while its on a desk or other surface. You can happily have your iPhone 11 pro in your bag or pocket and not worry about the screen getting scratched or dirty.

Choose from better designs

With our iPhone 11 Pro sleeves you can choose frm many better design options, and buy multiple designs for different occasions. Have a professional one for work, and a fun one for nights out! Your phone can be as dressed up and original as you are!


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