MGVT 2021 Large Christmas Cracker


MGVT Chubby Christmas Crackers are great for couples enjoying christmas together. Filled with gifts and items for 2 people with nothing wasted. They are also great as a centre piece for your table, and can be enjoyed by the head of the table and His partner.

UK: 3-4 Days

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One Family has been making these one of a kind Christmas crackers for many many generations, and have been sold world wide to a select number of individuals. For the first time MGVT are now the exclusive providers of these amazing Large Christmas Crackers.



Mystery gifts, poppers, hats and jokes/trivia for 2 people


At each end of the luxury Christmas cracker is a little snapper – grab hold and pull with a partner to get a loud snap. Then, open the cracker to reveal its contents!

Hand made in the North West of England




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