Reusable Washable Panty Liner Cloth Menstrual Sanitary Pad with Bamboo & Charcoal


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S (Long -8.2″ X Width (Excluding Wings) 2.3″) ;
M (Long -10″ X Width (Excluding Wings) 2.55″);
L (Long -11.8″ X Width (Excluding Wings) 3.14″)
Bag Size (Long -7″ X Width -5.5″)
Package:6pcs pads+
1mini wet bag color random

Outer: pul waterproof material

Middle:2layers microfiber

Inner:bamboo charcoal


Why Cloth menstrual pad:
– Less contact with harmful chemicals.
– Save money and the environment.
– Cloth menstrual pads are less likely to cause rashes and contact dermatitis.
– Women with sensitive skin and allergies may prefer cloth pads.

 How to use:


– Snap up pad around underwear with the black “bamboo charcoal”/ white “bamboo fiber” side up.
– Change pad when required (usually around 4-6 hours) depending on your flow and your personal choice.  However you will quickly find out the best time frame for changes.

– The pads are meant for personal use only and should not be shared with others.


 How to wash:    


– Wash your new pad once or twice before using it.

– After use Rinse pads with cold water to prevent staining. Then place into wet bag.  Pads do not need soaking.

– The cloth menstrual pad is machine washable and dry, water temperature under 40℃.

–  Dry in dryer or hang in sun to dry.

–  Avoid washing the pads in public facilities.


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