The Lions Share


Based on Classic Victorian Erotica – Parisian Frolics (Contains Taboo Subjects)



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As a new young lion in France, it was very important to establish my own pride. And after many wanderings in Europe, I was fortunate to come upon another pride with a weak leader; I made rather light work of him, and killed his young cubs as is the way and our nature. Then, I took his wife and her sisters as my own and settled down to my new life as head of a pride. But there is no use in running contrary to ones nature, and though there is the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline of the challenge, I have more carnal desires that a harem of lions cannot slake. Besides, most challenges are met and dealt with before they even have chance to kindle, by a simple roar, making life rather plain.

So one must find excitment in a house of pleasures, especially if one of those pleasures is your cousin!

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