The Sexual Life of the Child by Dr Albert Moll

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The study of the development of the sexual nature in people, from early childhood. This book is the authority for anyone studying or practising therapy or the sciences, and should be a reference book for every parent to understand the development of their children.
Albert Moll was a German psychiatrist and, together with Iwan Bloch and Magnus Hirschfeld, the founder of modern sexology. Moll believed sexual nature involved two entirely distinct parts: sexual stimulation and sexual attraction.


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2 reviews for The Sexual Life of the Child by Dr Albert Moll

  1. MGVT

    5 out of 5 starsAn important early 20th century work of Psychology grounded in the body
    4 May 2019 – Published on
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    Here the doctor outlines his theory of childhood physical and psychological development, illustrated by his firsthand experience as a physician and various case studies taken from medical literature. Moll boldly denies the myth that adolescence is an abrupt sudden phenomena as he clearly describes the complex stages of both physical and emotional development which lead the way towards young adulthood but start very far before. In a structuralist model he describes the dual physical and emotional sides of amorous sensations and how their independent development and eventual intermingling widely varies in any individual. He is openly critical of Freud in many sections, and has a very methodical approach grounded in a physical reality, always careful to point out the powerful influence our developing body has on our consciousness. Important document historically and a good work of literature, recommended for those interested in history of psychology, and students of childhood development.

  2. John

    Fascinating insight into sexual development, useful for any parent not just for professionals

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