Founded on the principle that global trade & business can be the driving force for advancement, for exploration and for innovation.

Providing Everything That Makes Life Pleasant.

MGVT will be the doorway to provide for everything. Including everything to make a comfortable home, nice things, healthy recreation and sexual health.

Making the ideal company

For centuries, the word of an englishman has been as good as his bond, and so it is true for MGVT today – We march under the MGVT banner for global trade.

Through franchising, build a new nation of proud shopkeepers with close ties to the local community, who will keep ideal FAMILY STRUCTURES & VALUES.

Building Positive Race Culture

Foster a sense of Anglo unity and social stability, based around British history, culture and traditions. Instituting respect for the national flag and new anthem.

Research to provide education & services centred around Personal Eugenics. Taking inspiration from great Anglo men, and ancients such as the Spartans.